Candid score based on 5 expert reviews

Candid score based on 5 expert reviews
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We summarized 5 reviews from experts and concluded a 100% recommendation.
We summarized 5 reviews from experts and concluded a 100% recommendation.
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Summary of expert reviews

Candid is a relatively new teeth aligner company that also has insurance and other products such as retainers. They had overall positive reviews primarily for the cost and the fact that they only work with licensed orthodontists. The ease and user experience were also commended, as it was frequently mentioned how Candid has modernized the experience with design. 

It was emphasized that they will turn away those with too severe of imperfections, and this is only for those with mild to moderate imperfections. You are able to see if you are eligible via their studio or a $95 kit you send in. 

There were not very many unanimous cons, two mentioned that you have to wear it all day, but this is the case with many other aligners. Two mentioned frustrations with the kit but for different reasons – charging for it vs. the photo experience. 

Overall, Candid was recommended for those looking for a more affordable option and with moderate imperfections.

Expert reviews

“Candid’s clear aligner program is similar to other similar programs except that they only work with licensed orthodontists, and let you see your full treatment plan before you commit to it. And their prices, comparatively, are very affordable.”

Authority Dental | Caleb Murphy | Yes | Full review

“You’ll like Candid’s services if you want to straighten your teeth with subtle, non-obtrusive aligners and without spending an exorbitant amount of money or time.”

Business Insider | Connie Chen | Yes | Full review

“I could definitely see the difference. It did seem to match their predictions almost perfectly.”

The Teeth Blog | Yes | Full review

“If you’re considering taking the plunge (aligners can fix everything from gaps and snaggleteeth to basic overcrowding), consider a program like Candid that you can manage from start to finish from the comfort of your own home.”

Greatist | Ashley Sepanski | Yes | Full review

“If you are hesitating between Invisalign & Candid Co. , we HIGHLY recommend you to go with Candid Co.”

Oral Dental Care | Yes | Full review