Care/of score based on 6 expert reviews

Care/of score based on 6 expert reviews
83 100 0 1
We summarized 6 reviews from experts in the pet category and concluded a 83% recommended.
We summarized 6 reviews from experts in the pet category and concluded a 83% recommended.
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Summary of expert reviews

Choosing the right vitamins can seem like a near impossible endeavor. With thousands of competing views and recommendations, it’s hard to choose the right options for your personal situation. Care/of aims to solve this by providing a service that personalizes vitamins and proteins for you on a monthly subscription. 

For those interested in a wider recommendation as Mallory Creveling of Women’s Health Mag was, you may receive 6+ vitamins in your personalized subscription, “In my case, because, heck, I’m interested in all of these things, Care/Of ended up recommending six vitamins and two supplement packs.”

Two were especially impressed by the transparency of ingredients as well as their natural ingredients. BarBend was thankful for the lack of taste and smell that many other supplements have, “literally no smell or taste, which in my experience is incredibly rare from a supplement standpoint.”

The most noted drawback was the lack of research in the benefit of vitamins compared to diet and exercise in general. This is more of a categorical concern vs. the research done by Care/of specifically. 

Overall, it was recommended for the user experience if you are someone who takes vitamins or is looking to solve a deficiency looking to increase energy, help sleep, or boost your immunity.

Expert reviews

“…the visual breakdown of each vitamin in my pack which made it easy for me to understand exactly what I was getting.”

Refinery 29 | Karina Hoshikawa | Yes, 8/10 | Full review

“Personalized vitamins like Care/Of aren’t going to be a magic bullet for your health—even though they’re “specifically for you.”

Women’s Health | Mallory Creveling | No | Full review

“I enjoyed this product and the user experience of taking this product.”

Barbend | Gabrielle Kassel | Yes, 8.7/10 | Full review

“If you’re willing to spend the money, this does what any good product should do — it does the work for you.”

Askmen | Christopher Hunter | Yes | Full review

“Even vitamin skeptics will leave happy and informed.”

Nchip | Yes | Full review

“Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and I definitely felt physically better and more energetic on average while taking my supplements.”

Trusty Spotter | Evan Porter | Yes | Full review