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Little Spoon score based on 5 expert reviews

Little Spoon score based on 5 expert reviews
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We summarized 5 reviews from experts and concluded a 100% recommendation.
We summarized 5 reviews from experts and concluded a 100% recommendation.
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Summary of expert reviews

Little Spoon has ready to go meals for both infants and toddlers. As Healthline summarizes, “You can choose from Babyblends, which are puréed foods for infants, or Plates, which are balanced meals for toddlers and young kids.”

Their main pitch for both lines is the versatility in ingredients, lack of artificial ingredients, and convenience. 

In regards to versatility, they use over 100 ingredients and have a lengthier selection than most meal kits in this category, especially with the Plates line for toddlers. The plentiful menu options not only will keep your child from getting bored of the same meals, but as Alison Chew of Mealfinds emphasizes, “The Little Spoon Plates menu has something for everyone, even those picky eaters!” Chew was also impressed by the organic ingredients in the Plates line, “All Plates are 100% clean with no added hormones, preservatives, additives, and nothing artificial.”

Another unique aspect of how they keep their ingredients fresh in the Babyblends line is, “To remove harmful bacteria from their plant-based baby food products, Little Spoon use cold pressure instead of heat pasteurization.” Lisa Hodgson of Medical News Today includes. 

The shelf-life adds to the convenience factor of delivery and easy microwave preparation, Lisa Hodgson of Medical News Today notes, “When a BabyBlends or Plates product arrives, it will stay fresh in a person’s fridge for 14 days. Once opened, a person must eat it within 48 hours. The Babyblends and Plates products are also freezable.” 

The only downside was regarding the Plates line specifically that was mentioned by a few of the experts, including Anna Lane of Reviewed, “If you’re going to serve these to older kids, I would definitely plan on supplementing the meal with some extra veggies on the side.” While Little Spoon’s suggested age range was up to 10 years old for their Plates line, both Anna Lane and Alison Chew of Mealfinds noted that any toddler above the age of 7 may not be fully satisfied – albeit should do the trick for ages 3-6. 

The price goes down depending on the number of meals you order in both lines, so the experts had varying degrees of attitude towards it in comparison to other competing services, but never with too much pushback. 

Overall, across the board all 5 expert reviews included in this were favorable for both of Little Spoon’s baby and toddler meal lines.

Expert reviews

“Little Spoon is an excellent way to ensure that your kids have healthy meals on the table — or at the high chair — regularly.”

Healthline | Yes | Full review

“If you just can’t face planning and cooking one more meal that your kids might or might not eat, Little Spoon Plates can provide respite.”

Reviewed | Anna Lane | Yes | Full review

“Little Spoon specialize in delivering healthful foods for infants and children, providing convenient meals that are nutritionally balanced and free from harmful additives.”

Medical News Today | Lisa Hodgson, RDN , CDN | Yes | Full review

“Little Spoon Plates are a quick, healthy, and tasty meal for toddlers and kids. We feel that these meals would be a great lunch or dinner for toddlers and little kids up to age 5 based on the taste, portion size, and softer consistency.”

Mealfinds | Alison Chew | Yes | Full review

“You might be wondering, is Little Spoon worth all the hype? The answer is YES!” | Yes | Full review