Quip score based on 7 expert reviews

Quip score based on 7 expert reviews
71 100 0 1
We summarized 7 reviews from experts and concluded a 71% recommendation.
We summarized 7 reviews from experts and concluded a 71% recommendation.
of experts recommended iThe recommendation percentage by experts.

Summary of expert reviews

Quip was across the board commended for its unique and minimalist design. Additionally, the subscription service was well-liked by the majority of experts, due to its ease and solution to the common problem of people forgetting to purchase new toothbrush heads and batteries. 

The rest of the pros and cons were pretty spread out. Experts who had the most excited sentiment about the Quip were enthused with everything from the timer to the ease of travel and battery replacement without any cons at all. 

Those who had more experience with other toothbrushes, brought up the common theme of the  brush head is a bit too large for some mouth and the pricing isn’t too different from more powerful models, albeit it was noted that powerful is not always better. 

The only two that did not recommend the product according to our scoring system, both came in close at a 6/10 score, noting the challenges they had above. 

Overall, the sentiment and recommendations were positive, especially for those who respect simply designed and convenient products. 

Expert reviews

“If you’ve never made the leap to electric brushes, Quip is a good starting place.”

Cnet | Sarah Mitroff | Yes | Full review

“Quip has been one of my toothbrush recommendations since they released their first brush in 2015.”

Ask The Dentist | Mark Burhenne DDS | Yes | Full review

“For those who can remember to get a new toothbrush more often, you can skip the Quip.”

Tom’s Guide | Henry Casey | No, 6/10 | Full review

“Slim, stylish and functional, Quip is particularly good for travelers, thanks to the innovate case come toothbrush holder.”

Electric Teeth | Jon Love | No, 6/10 | Full review

“Overall, the quip electric toothbrush is a good buy. Although, as with any toothbrush, it has its downsides, the main one being that the brush didn’t last as long as expected.”

Authority Dental | Caleb Murphy | Yes | Full review

“I don’t think I’ll go back to other brushes anytime soon.”

Men’s Health | Louis Baragona | Yes | Full review

“After spending a week with Quip, I can definitely see why so many people seemed to like it.”

Inverse | James Dennin | Yes | Full review